Spotlight Players would like to extend a warm welcome to our very talented cast of Mamma Mia!

Donna Sheridan———Stacey Smith
Sophie Sheridan———Clare Shortal
Tanya———————Ann Cloutier-Munro
Rosie———————-Marylee Pierzynowski
Sam Carmichael———–Brian George
Harry Bright—————Marc Rosati
Bill Austin——————Jeffery Pierzynowski
Sky————————-Ashton Williams
Ali————————–Morgan Martens
Lisa————————-Jennifer Plier
Pepper———————Kolbe Pierzynowski
Eddie———————–Chris Gawel
Fr. Alexandrios————-David Zolotachuk


Gina C. Mathews (featured dancer)
Ava Belle Callihan (featured dancer)
Holly Saulsberry (featured dancer)
Irene Streeter (featured dancer)
Evelyn House (featured dancer)
Caroline Mull (featured dancer)
Katharine Rzepecki (featured dancer)
Courtney Gillis (featured dancer)
Kelly Falk (featured dancer)
Isabel Pierzynowski (featured dancer)
Guy Snyder
Ma-Lani Soriano
Regan Rogers
Becky Dodd-Sherry
Shannon Hoey
Rebecca Garvey
Aubery Evans
Abby Westhoff
Marie Fichtner
Cari Zeppa
Daisy Mull
Mike Edwards
Tracey Conrad
Bethany Wagner

We are looking forward to seeing this performance September 13-15 and 20-22. Tickets are available at cantonvillagetheater.org
Congratulations to Cast and Crew!


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