Play by Joseph Simonelli
May 17-20, 2018

(Still Got It Players Studio)

The three surviving Holloway brothers are facing a dilemma! Their string of casual eateries are losing money and in order to save the family business oldest brother Sam wants to sell the only remaining joint property, a valuable waterfront house in Rockaway Beach, N.Y. The problem is youngest, ‘black sheep’, brother Rollie has his own plans for the proceeds, namely to pay off the loan sharks he owes money to. Middle brother and business accountant Kevin has an overbearing wife who also wants her share. And let’s not forget their deceased brother’s widow Martha, who also has a quarter share and needs the money due to a pending divorce! And if all that is not bad enough, said deceased brother Fred is haunting the house and doesn’t want anyone else living there!

Director: Russ Thomas
Producer: Joe Arcel

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Important dates:
Auditions: March 12 & 13, 2018
Rehearsals: Rehearsal Schedule
Performance Dates: May 17-20, 2018


ROLLIE (ROLL-EE) HOLLOWAY – Early forties, black sheep brother. Womanizer who is in it for himself at all times.
RITA ROMANO – late-thirties, Rollie’s latest girlfriend. Ditzy waitress who is quite naive. Should have good comic timing and the ability to pull off an east-coast accent.
KEVIN HOLLOWAY – Early fifties, accountant, middle brother. Uptight, plays by the rules. He’s the only logical one in the bunch.
SAM HOLLOWAY – Mid-sixties, older brother. The idea man, he will find a way to fix the family’s situation.
FRED HOLLOWAY – Mid-fifties, deceased brother. Dead guy with a heart of gold.
MARTHA HOLLOWAY – Late fifties, Fred’s widow. Not sure she wants to come back but needs to settle her deceased husband’s affairs.