Spotlight Players are partnered with The Village Theater at Cherry Hill and Ridge Roads in Canton. Our partnership with the theater provides us with the privilege of rehearsing and performing inside the beautiful state-of-the-art facilities that are as unique as they are luxurious. We thank The Village Theater for its support and promotion of our mission statement as we have striven to bring quality live theater experiences to audiences for almost a decade.


Theater Address:
50400 Cherry Hill Road, Canton, MI 48187

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2019 – 2020 OFFICERS

President: Siamak Davarani
Vice-President: Laura Kitzman
Treasurer: Kelly Little
Secretary: Melissa Francis

2019 – 2020 GOVERNORS

2020 Spotlight Board Meetings
Village Theater  – 7pm to 10pm

*Note location of meeting may change.

January 8 – Lounge
February 12 – Lounge
March 18 – Virtual Meeting
April 8 – Virtual Meeting
May 20 – Virtual Meeting
May 27 – Annual General Membership Meeting in Studio
June 10 – Virtual Meeting
July 8 – Virtual Meeting
August 12 – Virtual Meeting
September 9 – Virtual Meeting
October 13 – Virtual Meeting
November 17 – Virtual Meeting
December 9 – Board Holiday Party (TBD)