Alice In Zombieland

By Craig Sodaro

Alice, now a teen, has never forgotten her adventures in Wonderland when she was younger.  Her best friend Dinah has always told her it was just a dream.  But when the White Rabbit appears with its beckoning “we’re late,” they’re off to Wonderland together.  Not surprisingly, they arrive just in time for tea with the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Door Mouse.  But something is ominously different — the tea is served by zombies!  Everyone in Wonderland, including the Queen, is turning into a zombie.  As they investigate, Alice and Dinah discover Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West casting her spells.  Not only does she have zombies to do her bidding instead of flying monkeys, Dorothy is under her powers as her slave…  er, intern.  The witch is turning Wonderland into a “Spells-R-Us” shop with zombies as her workers.  Alice and Dinah cleverly manage to cast a spell on the witch herself, restoring Wonderland to its former craziness just in time for tea.  Your cast and audience will love mixing elements of these two classic stories with the hilarious stage action of zombies!

Performance Dates: October 27-30, 2022

For more information, visit the show page on Pioneer Drama

Great job everyone for auditioning! Spotlight Jr. Players is pleased to announce the cast of Alice In Zombieland!

Alice – Salma Espino
Dinah – Knight Emerson
White Rabbit – Marie Graentzdoerffer
Mad Hatter – Zoey Silverman
March Hare – Marianna Vespa
Dormouse – Nadia Kokinasidis
Zombie One – Morgan Allstadt
Zombie Two – Audra Graentzdoeffer
Duchess – Aubrey Gilliland
Cook – Elizabeth Stubbs
Tweedledee – Xavier Miah
Tweedledum – Christian Moore
Mock Turtle – Roland Toole
Cheshire Cat – Samantha Keliher
Guard – Delilah Frawley
Queen – Mila Kokinasidis
Witch – Olivia Mason
Dorothy – Adelyn Gismundi
Customer One – Jessi Everett
Customer Two – Renee Eggen
Customer Three – Skylar Carr
Zombies – Eric Gruentzdoerffer, Ali Varady, Alli Bailey, Evelyn Krzisnik, Ella Cook, Troy Kokinasidis