Harry’s Angel

By: Arthur Keyser

Director: Joe Arcel

Set in the Lower East Side of New York City, Harry’s Angel is a comedy about an Italian brother and sister, a divorced owner of a failing Jewish deli, an Irish bookie, and a thirty-one year old former exotic dancer. They are tied together by the oldest of human emotions–love, in all of its shapes and forms.

This is a laugh-filled romp through five lives, each of which affects the lives of the others, and the ultimate, often unexpected, resolutions will resound with your patrons. Loads of fun for the actors and even more fun for your audiences.

Performance dates: May 19-22, 2022 in the Biltmore Studio at the Village Theater

Tickets for Harry’s Angel can be purchased HERE


Harry – Frank McCay
Curly – Larry Rusinsky
Rose – Donna Kinsey
Fanny – Bridget Dermody
Angel – Cari Zeppa