Jack and the Beanstalk

by Marjorie Sokoloff

A Spotlight Jr Players full-length play

Jack’s life is tough. He and his mother have no money, no food, a run-down house, and an opera-singing cow that won’t give milk. Just as he’s about to be sent off to an orphanage, Jack meets a mysterious stranger, who gives him three magic beans, along with an even more mysterious piece of advice that sets Jack climbing up a beanstalk and into the clouds. There, he meets a Giant who would do anything to change places with him. With the help of a wise-cracking hen and a self-absorbed cow, can all of their problems be solved?

Director: Kayla Thompson
Assistant Director: Mark Coldren
Producer: Andie Lynn Andrews

  • Audition dates: January 6 & 7, 2020
  • Performance dates: March 12-15, 2020

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Congratulations to the talented cast of Jack and the Beanstalk!

Narrator/Jack’s mother- Renee Eggen
Jack- Mila Kokinasidis
Albert- Isabella (Bella) Rodriguez
Albert’s mother/townsperson-Emily Roose
Stranger/Dad/cloud 2/star/chicken- Natalie Thornton
Cow/voice/star- Adrienne Ziobro
Hen/voice/townsperson- Roland Toole
Cloud 1/voice/townsperson/star/chicken- Mantra Joshi
Townsperson/Star/Chicken- Ella Cook