Spotlight Jr Players

Spotlight Players is THRILLED to have the Spotlight Jr Players as part of our group.  The goal of Spotlight Jr Players is to give all those ages 18 and under and chance to shine on stage.  We are also developing a program for the older teens to transition into Non-Acting positions such as Stage Managing, Directing, Producing, as well as the technical side with lighting, sound, and props.


This part is simple….you come an audition, like any other Spotlight Players show.  The only requirement to be involved in one of our shows is you become a member.  In 2018, we are starting our Family Memberships that cover all of our Spotlight Players shows, including the Spotlight Jr Players productions.  Here is how it works….

For the standard membership rate (currently at $50 / year), the family membership will cover 1 parent / guardian and 1 child.  It will be $15 for each additional child after the first one.  You can find more information including an FAQ on our Membership page

When you become a member you never have to pay again in that membership year (which runs from June 1 to May 31 of the following year) and you can audition and be cast in as many Spotlight Players shows as you would like.

In our current season, the Spotlight Jr. Players will take to the stage in The Velveteen Rabbit (October 2019) and Jack and the Beanstalk (March 2020)

Spotlight Players was proud to have just completed and released our first Virtual Jr Players production of “The Show Must Go OnLine!”. We had so many talented kids interested that we were able to have 3 amazing casts. Using the latest in Soup can and string technology, we were able to create this show without ever leaving the safety of our homes. Please check out each of our casts on the YouTube links below.

The Brushes Cast: bit.ly/2z971dl

The Flossers Cast: bit.ly/3dZaGZY

The Toothpasters Cast: bit.ly/2WEC9dU