November 3-5 & 10-12, 2017
Play by Joe Simonelli

(Still Got It Players Studio)

Dr. Cecelia Monahan has a serious problem. As a therapist who runs a support group for single and divorced women, she must listen to a number of relationship problems from her unusual cadre of patients as well as dealing with the unsolicited advice of her live in mother on subjects ranging from dating to cooking recipes. The doctor, however, is not above using some unorthodox methods of her own such as hiring out of work actors to role play with her patients. It is only when Cecelia meets the new substitute package delivery man that the doctor must learn to practice what she preaches!

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Producers: Laura Kitzman and Lynette Wehner
Director: Joe Arcel

Important Dates:
Rehearsals: Mon, Tue and Thur from 7-10 PM
Performance Dates: November 3-5 & 10-12, 2017

Spotlight Players would like to extend a warm welcome to our very talented cast of Men Are Dogs:

Brigid Blascha: Cecelia
Marian Busa: Rose
Lynette Wehner: Madeline
Kathy Millspaugh: Loretta
Anne Morgan: Jane
Sandy McCay: Allison
Frank McCay: Bob
Jay Fischer: Tony

We are looking forward to a very funny and entertaining show! Congratulations!