By Philip Grecian. Based on the film by Frank Capra.
Spotlight Players, MainStage

Grecian, who brought A Christmas Story to the stage, now gives us this adaptation of the beloved Frank Capra film. It is Christmas Eve, and George Bailey stands on a bridge looking over the icy waters below, contemplating suicide. Joseph, an unseen angel, calls on The Boss for advice, and they decide on Clarence Oddbody, an Angel Second Class who, after 200 years, has yet to earn his wings. Joseph takes Clarence into the past to see George as a boy, rescuing his brother from drowning, enduring a beating from grieving druggist Gower, saving a child from accidental poisoning, then growing up to forgo college so he can save the family business and keep the citizens of Bedford Falls from being ruined by the Depression and the machinations of the conniving Henry Potter. George marries his childhood sweetheart, has a family, and resigns himself to a life of “failure.” When his Uncle Billy misplaces $8,000 of the Building and Loan’s money, George takes responsibility and runs to the bridge to commit suicide. Clarence stops him, and when George wishes he had never been born, makes the wish come true. Now George wanders through a Bedford Falls that has been rechristened Pottersville and has fallen far without him to save it. He realizes how many lives he has touched, how many people he has helped—and that he has been a success, after all. Clarence brings him back to “his” Bedford Falls and even manages to make Henry Potter pay for his sins. Available in manuscript only.

Director: Justine Maldonado
Producer: Lynette Wehner

Rehearsals: Mon, Tue and Thur from 7-10 PM
Performance Dates: November 29-December 2, 2018

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Spotlight Players would like to extend a warm welcome to our very talented cast of It’s A Wonderful Life!
Congratulations to Cast and Crew!

George Bailey – Matthew Neuvirth 
Clarence Odbody – Guy Snyder
Harry Bailey – Spencer Maize
Mother Bailey – Lori Ann Dick
Violet Peterson – Natalia Anaya
Bert the Policeman – Kevin Leonard
Uncle Billy/ Man on the porch – Paul Hardy
Adult Mary – Courtney Gillis
Henry Potter – Paul Vachon
Mr. Potter’s secretary – Abby Westhoff
Mrs. Hatch/Tilly – Sheryl Vachon
Welch/Tom – Eric Thornburgh
Miss Davis/Harriet – Aubrey Evans
Miss Carter – Bethany Wagner
Young Harry – Simon Eichler
Pete Bailey – Ben Weber
Tommy Bailey/Newspaper boy – Andrew Lee
Zuzu Baily – Juliana Lee 
Young Mary – Liv Wingate
Young Violet / Janie Bailey- Holly Saulsberry
Young George – Cade Leonard
Ms. Reineman – Laura Kitzman
Gower – Dennis Farmer
Peter Bailey – Ibrahim Ghalib
Ensemble – Emilynn Weber