Super Happy Awesome News

Music & Lyrics By Denver Casado
Book By Jessica Penzias

A Spotlight Jr Players Virtual Musical

The story of two siblings that start rival online news stations bringing you only the Superest Happiest Awesomest News!

Auditions for Kids in Kindergarten through 12th grade and those young adults with special needs under the age of 25.

Please submit an audition video of no more than 2 1/2 minutes which includes you telling us your superest happiest awesomest news story of no more than 1 1/2 minutes and singing one minute of your favorite song. If you can’t think of a song or news story , please sing Happy Birthday and read a HAPPY story you find in the newspaper or online. Videos (or link to youtube, dropbox, or other cloud drive for the video)should be emailed no later than February 1, 2021 at 11:59 pm to
Please include your name, age, grade, and a brief bio in your email.

If cast, you agree to become a member of Spotlight Players for the season.


Show is currently postponed. New auditions will be help Summer 2021. People who have auditioned, do not need to re-audition.

*All Rehearsals will be conducted over ZOOM.  Our three mentors, will work with students individually on their individual scenes over ZOOM to walk through and critique and assist in creating their final videos after submission of each of the 3 draft videos.  Convenient times will be set up individually between the mentors and the students.

TBD- Audition videos due by 11:59 pm

TBD- Cast Announcement

TBD- Full Cast Read Through 7pm. 

TBD- Group Rehearsal for Group Scene and Song.  Smule application explanation will be given during this rehearsal for rehearsing and recording your portion of the Group Song 7pm

TBD- Practice Recording of Group Scene. 7pm

TBD- First Draft of video scenes due by 11:59 pm

TBD- Group Rehearsal for Group Scene and Song. 7pm

TBD- Practice Recording of Group Scene- Take 2. 7pm

TBD- Second Draft of video scenes due by 11:59 pm

TBD- Group Rehearsal for Group Scene and Song (if needed)

TBD-Third Draft of video scenes due by 11:59 pm

TBD- Final Recording of Group Scene 7 pm

TBD- All students must record in the group Smule song by 11:59pm

TBD-Final Draft of video scenes due by 11:59 pm

TBD- Video Premiere on Youtube and Facebook  (Times TBD)


NOTE:  All roles are gender neutral.  Pronouns and any gendered language can be changed to reflect the actor playing the part

NameDescriptionNumber of ScenesNumber of SongsSolo Song
JOEYParker’s sibling.  Creator of Super Happy Awesome Newscast.  Charasmatic.93YES-2
WEATHER REPORTEROverly optimistic reporter.  Energetic with strong comic timing.32YES-1
ANIMAL REPORTERBrave and animal obsessed.  Comedic role.  Can use a real animal in the scene if available.31NO
SPORTSCASTERUpbeat reporter.  Strong positive energy.32YES-1
PARKERJoey’s sibling.  Creates a rival newscast.  Playful and genuine.73YES-2
EKEA*REPRESENTATIVE 1Energetic.  Overly earnest.32YES-1
SPICY WATER SALESPERSONExuberant infomercial salesperson.  Lots of energy and showmanship.  Comedic.31NO
POLITICS REPORTER 1Impressive reporter.  Professional and serious.31NO
POLITICS REPORTER 2Enthusiastic reporter.  Ability to react to an imagined environment.32YES-1
CHEF 1Highly trained gourmet chef.  Silly, but sophisticated.  Should be able to prepare real food while singing and acting.32YES-1
CHEF 2Creative and exuberant chef.  Goofy and messy.  Should be able to prepare real food while acting.31NO
COMMUNITY REPORTERPompous reporter.  Confident.41NO
BLAIRJoyful, funny and enthusiastic.32YES-1
DYLANSweet, energetic, and eagerly enthusiastic32YES-1
TANNERLoves attention.  Humorous and confident while reacting to an imagined environment32YES-1
LASHAWNHonest and vulnerable.32YES-1
EKEA* REPRESENTATIVE 2Wired and jittery.Comic41NO
DESIOpen, expressive, earnest.32YES-1
SAGEGenuine.  Going through a hard time as grandpa recently passed away.32YES-1
JAYLENThoughful and emotive.32YES-1

*EKEA= Every Kid Everywhere Association

Note- Number of scenes and songs includes a group scene we will all work on together and record via ZOOM and a group song we will record using the SMULE app.