The Velveteen Rabbit

By Philip Grecian. From the book by Margery Williams

A Spotlight Jr Players full-length play

There are two ways to be real,” the Skin Horse says. “The first is when you are real to one special child, and the second is when you are real to the world.” More than anything he wants to be a real rabbit—real to the world. One night the Toy Fairy offers him his chance, but he must leave with her immediately. The boy, who is ill with scarlet fever, will die without him. Will the Velveteen Rabbit go with the Toy Fairy, or will his love for the boy cause him to turn his back on the thing he wants most? If he stays, what will happen to him? Margery Williams’ beloved tale is faithfully told and carefully expanded for the stage. The Velveteen Rabbit provides young audiences with comedy, pathos, adventure and a final triumph for the hero, who learns that love makes all things real.

  • Audition dates: August 19 & 20, 2019
  • Performance dates: October 17-20, 2019

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Spotlight Jr. Players is proud to announce auditions for the upcoming youth play The Velveteen Rabbit.

Please enter through the backstage entrance of the Village Theater at 50400 Cherry Hill Rd in Canton. We will have two nights of auditions – August 19 & 20 from 7PM till 9:30PM. There will be readings from the script. Performances are October 17 – 20. Thurs, Fri & Sat at 7:30PM and Sat & Sun at 2PM. Rehearsals will be Mon, Tues and Thurs at 7PM. If you have any questions, please contact the director Andie Lynn Andrews at

Character List
• Alex: Male or female, but must be able to play male. Very sweet, very active, somewhat mischievous. He loves his toys and playing outside.
• Nana: Female. Kind yet strict. Very tidy and generally proper, has a very tender heart.
• Timothy: Male or female. A toy wooden lion. Pretends to be from the government and have top secret information.
• Mouse: Male or female. Wind up mouse toy. Very official, the “smart” kid, the leader.
• Bulka: A toy rag puppy.
• The Velveteen Rabbit: Male or female. The “youngest” of the toys, emotionally; everything is new to the Rabbit. Runs the gamut of emotions: shy and uncertain, scared and sad, jubilantly happy; loves Skin Horse and Boy, and wants very much to be loved in return; the only “soft” toy other than the Skin Horse.
• The Skin Horse: Male or Female. Kind and wise and gentle; often plays mediator or parent to the other toys.
• Fairy: a mystical character; helpful, joyful and sweet. Looks after toys we have lost.
• “Real” Rabbits: The wild rabbits the Velveteen Rabbit encounters while out to play with the boy. They don’t take kindly to the odd-looking rabbit at first.
• The Doctor: comically pompous